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CentOSWe try to help the community by providing tutorial and howto for the CentOS Distribution of the Linux Operating System.

Our goal is to help beginners to learn and advanced tech to expand their existing knowledge or simply remind them the important stuff.

It is important to mention that we do not give help on a case basis or per request, but we will appreciate users that inform us if there is an error or typo in a existing tutorial or howto. If you have questions or comments about a specific tutorial or howto, you can register and post a comment. We do not give any kind of garantee and every pieces of informations given along these tutorials are provided `as-is`. Please always consider testing in a proper environment before going in productions

Tutorials and HowTo for Linux CentOS 5

Generals :

How to Install the RPMForce Yum Repository in CentOS 5.*
How to share Internet connectivity by enabling IP Fowarding in CentOS

FTP Services :

How to install, configure and manage vsftpd on Linux CentOS


How to install, configure and manage NTP to synchronize the system clock on CentOS Linux (NTP Client tutorial)

OpenVPN :

How to install, setup and configure an OpenVPN Service on CentOS 5
How to install OpenVPN on Windows 7 using Certificates